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Hi there, I am Orgil and welcome to Mongolia!

Since I was born, travel has been an important part of my life. From being brought up as a nomad, to living in Sweden, U.S, Thailand, and Kazakhstan and to having traveled to numerous other countries, it’s been quite an adventure.

We at UBC Tours are fellow world travelers just like you, so we understand what matters most when it comes to travel.

Simply hire your very own personal guide to show you around Ulaanbaatar, and go wherever or do whatever you want.

We promise:

  • Safety and reliability
  • Lifelong memories & experiences
  • Chauffeur service free of charge
  • Fluent English speaking team
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Meet The Guides

We’re not just tour guides, but also fellow adventurers like you!

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Welcome to Ulaanbaatar

We would like to welcome you to Mongolia and make your stay an experience to remember. Though Ulaanbaatar should not be your main travel destination within Mongolia, there are still many cool things to see and explore. Get the local and authentic experience with our born and bred Ulaanbaatar guides!

Why Choose UBC Tours?

Think of us as your personal assistant. When you hire our private guide, we will drive you around, translate Mongolian, and tailor your experience to what you want to do and where you want to go. Everything is personalized and flexible, so you can enjoy everything at your own pace.

1. How Can I Hire A Guide?

You can go to our booking form and make a reservation. Please be as detailed as possible since our guides will try to tailor your experience to what you want to do and where you want to go.

2. How Do I Confirm My Reservation?

Once you have made a reservation, we will reach out to you either via email or through Whatsapp via the number you provided us. We will make the arrangements and send you a deposit request via Paypal.

3. Do You Offer Pickup/Drop-Off Service?

If you need pick up/drop-off service at either the bus/train station or the airport, we are more than happy to help! There is no additional charge.

4. What Is Covered On What Is Not?

We provide: pickup/drop-off, translation, chauffeur, and guide services free of charge. We do not cover: travel insurance, souvenir, accommodation, food, and personal expenses

5. Can I Hire A Personal Driver?

Our guides can be your personal driver at no additional costs. We simply request that you cover the expenses for fuel 🙂

6. Are The Guides Fluent in English?

Yes, we are all fluent in English. Some of us speak other languages such as French, Spanish, Russian, and Swedish as well, though not to a fluent degree.
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