Best Seasons and Months to Visit Mongolia

Thinking of travelling to Mongolia in the next few months but not sure when to visit? Here’s just a guideline for you to follow when making your travel plans. The seasons are ordered from the most recommended to the least recommended.



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I may not be the most traditional Mongolian and perhaps even regarded as a foreigner, but it’s my homeland with so much natural beauty to offer and explore.

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Summer is the ideal time to visit Mongolia but be aware that airfare and hotel prices might increase.

During the summer months you have the Naadam festival which usually starts from early July and ends by August. Depending on the provinces and villages, some like to celebrate a bit earlier and a bit later than the official national date.

You can partake in the Naadam festival even as a foreigner in local competitions in villages and such.

Depending on where you go within Mongolia during the summer months, temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius, and in certain situations maybe even back to zero degrees. Even though it’s summer in Mongolia you should bring Fall, Spring and Summer clothes since the weather can be unpredictable.



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Sometimes less is more. #Mongolia #countryside #steppe #mongoliancountryside

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If you come during the fall, you might still enjoy your stay. The beginning of the fall is the most pleasant and is still quite warm but as the months progress, it gets more windy, and the weather becomes more unpredictable like spring. You should bring a windproof jacket and a pair of boots just to stay on the safe side, but otherwise mostly summer clothes will do.


mongolians nomads during the winter

Winter can be really gorgeous and amazing if you know where to go. Ulan Bator the capital is not really recommended during the winter months because the smog becomes unbearable to the point that it is dangerous to health.

ulaanbaatar winter smoke

However out in the countryside it really is beautiful. Think of endless white snow and clear blue skies.

While it is beautiful out in the countryside, do know that it can get extremely cold, sometimes even reaching -50 degrees Celsius. Fun fact, Ulan Bator is the coldest capital in the world. You will have to layer up if you wish to go outside, so fur coats, winter boots, thick trousers and sweaters, winter hats and gloves are a must to have with you.

Some festivals you can partake in are the Ice Festival in Khuvsgul and the Mongolian Lunar New Year, Tsagaan Sar, starting in February.


mongolian sheep grazing grass

Spring usually lasts from March until June. The weather can be quite erratic and unpredictable. Sometimes during April and May it could even snow and get really cold, but other times it’s like summer where you can enjoy the sun with some shorts and t-shirt. Also you have to be aware of rain, because it does rain on certain occasions.

It’s advised to bring with you a raincoat, a jacket that will keep you warm, plus long sleeves and jeans. While it won’t gets extremely hot or extremely cold during the spring season, it is wise to bring a few clothes they will keep you warm such as long sleeves jeans a raincoat and a warm jacket.

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