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1. How Can I Hire A Guide?

You can go to our booking form and make a reservation. Please be as detailed as possible since our guides will try to tailor your experience to what you want to do and where you want to go.

2. How Do I Confirm My Reservation?

Once you have made a reservation, we will reach out to you either via email or through Whatsapp via the number you provided us. We will make the arrangements and send you a deposit request via Paypal.

3. Do You Offer Pickup/Drop-Off Service?

If you need pick up/drop-off service at either the bus/train station or the airport, we are more than happy to help! There is no additional charge.

4. What Is Covered On What Is Not?

We provide: pickup/drop-off, translation, chauffeur, and guide services free of charge. We do not cover: travel insurance, souvenir, accommodation, food, and personal expenses

5. Can I Hire A Personal Driver?

Our guides can be your personal driver at no additional costs. We simply request that you cover the expenses for fuel 🙂

6. Are The Guides Fluent in English?

Yes, we are all fluent in English. Some of us speak other languages such as French, Spanish, Russian, and Swedish as well, though not to a fluent degree.
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